6 Ways to go Plastic Free

plastic free

plastic free

We only have to look at our Facebook news feed and other media platforms to see the growing problem and damage that single use plastic is causing our environment. Plastic free July was established in 2011 in Perth Western Australia with the hopes of educating the public on the damaging effects of single use plastic. Fast-forward to 2017 and plastic free July is now an international month long challenge with the motto to “choose to refuse”. So in dedication to Plastic Free July we have made a list of 6 ways you can go plastic free and take the challenge on.

  1. Ditch the plastic single use shopping bags and produce bags

plastic free

With the recent news of our two big super market giants and supply chains choosing to replace the single use plastic with an alternative range of thicker reusable shopping bags it is even easier to say no to the single use plastic. A great alternative for produce bags is brown paper bags (the ones for the mushrooms) or eco friendly mesh reusable produce bags like the Onya produce bags. Bringing along your reusable shopping and produce bags has never been so easy.

  1. Say no to plastic straws

Did you know that plastic straws never actually breaks down 100% and lets be honest straws are pretty useless in the big scheme of things. When there is no option for a straw we make do without and still drink our drinks none the wiser. So rather than accepting a straw say no or use a metal reusable straw for those times when you want to feel a bit fancy.

  1. Pick up some rubbish

plastic free

Mother Nature gives so much to us in the ways of oxygen to breath, magnificent oceans, and rainforest and bush land, but in all of her glory sometimes she needs a little help. Picking up rubbish whist you are out enjoying her beauty is a great way of giving back to her, showing your gratitude and think of it as some good karma.

  1. Opt for reusable coffee cups and water bottles

plastic free

It is staggering the amount of plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups that end up in landfill each year within Australia, with the estimation into the billions. This simple change is not only going to save the environment but it is going to save your wallet. With a variety of sustainable options out there as consumers we are spoilt for choice. Some of our favorites are S’well reusable drink bottles and Keep Cup or Joco Cup.

  1. Switch out your cling wrap for bees wax coverings or reusable containers

plastic free

So this one is for all of the amazing eco friendly people already mastering the above 4 points. We can find cling wrap all over our produce items in super markets, used for lunch time sandwiches and coverings over left overs but with a switch to bees wax cloth covering you can not only keep your food fresh but further plastic out of landfill. We love the Regal wraps and Perfect Honey Company bees wax covering or why not make your own.

  1. Start a conversation with a friend or a stranger

plastic free

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation and sharing your knowledge with someone or asking the question on sustainable plastic free alternatives that build and create change within our community.

So you now have six great ways to start doing your part to protect our amazing environment, it does take some commitment but after a few days, weeks or months simply saying “no thank you” to single use plastic will feel second nature and you will know that you are contributing to the greater good.

This blog is not sponsored. This is our retro heart’s take on Plastic-free July.

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