2014 Vintage Resolution

So we are into another year, a new year, leaving last year behind and running full speed into 2014. I have had a week of our new year to reflect on how the previous year has been for me overall, creatively, relationship and family wise and may I just say wow it was a busy year! Just to recap on 2013 not to get all nostalgic and emotional but to give everyone a sense of what has been and where I want to take 2014.

2013 saw my dream of sharing my love and passion for everything retro vintage become a reality with the building, collating and finally the launch of Desert Lily Vintage on-line in June. August I gave birth to my first baby, a beautiful boy named H, the planning of a wedding to my fiancé in Feb 2014 and a move to Melbourne shorty after. Busy right? Yep that’s what I thought.

So with every New Year we often start it with a resolution wether it is to lose weight, save money, give up chocolate or alcohol, travel more etc. What ever it may be for you it is a new challenge and opportunity to do something different for the year before. What is going to be different about this year for me? What creative challenges do I want to set for myself for 2014? What can I share with all of you about my passion for retro vintage?

The “ah huh” moment finally occurred to me after a long and festive day/night spent with loved ones just a day into the New Year. About ten minutes after getting comfortable in bed and ready to visit the land of slumber, I thought should I get back up and write it down to risk not forgetting it? Or stay in bed and dream about this great idea only to completely forget about it in the morning or stay in bed wide-awake analysing my new resolution and not get any sleep? Is this resonating true with you?

So what is my 2014 resolution?

In 2014 I am going to blog every week = 51 blogs this year about everything retro, vintage and all in-between. Not one topic is off the list and as a result I will be diving into my vintage self and exploring why Desert Lily Vintage has been my passion but a hidden part of my life for so long. I guess you could call me a closet lover of vintage and retro. But this year I am out, proud and ready to take on this challenge and share my journey with you all. So grab yourself a cup of tea, jump into your comfy chair and get ready for a year of vintage.



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