5 Vintage Essential for your wardrobe

5 Vintage Essential for your wardrobe

Have you every heard the term less is more? Of course, you have, right? Who hasn’t? Well, this is so true when it comes to wearing vintage day to day - and one of the biggest lessons I have learnt since embracing my love of retro vintage fashion from my late twenties and into my early thirties.

So I bet you are thinking... well if you are such a lover of vintage why are you writing a blog post about 5 vintage items for my wardrobe? Great question and the only way I can explain is this is to give you the back-story.

Since leaving my first husband back in 2011 and reflecting on how I lived my life, I realized, not only how wasteful I was including my shopping habits, but how I chose to express myself through my style. I was portraying myself in a way that I thought everyone wanted me to look, behave and be and in doing so lost the real me. The real essence of what made me happy and free. I knew I always had a love of vintage and the free loving era’s of the late 60’s – early 80’s but how was I to embody all of those values through my own personal style incorporating vintage?

Well, this is where the less is more comes into the mix and how I was really able to use the 5 vintage essentials to create my own personal style wearing vintage, not give my loved ones a heart attack thinking I was going through a post marriage meltdown and creatively explore the amazing world of ethical consuming.

So in the spirit of story telling and sharing my own journey, what better way then to impart some of the lessons that I have learnt into a quick little blog post.

Now depending on your own personal style whether that is a minimalist style like Gwyneth Paltrow or a boho style like Kate Hudson we all have a personalised look and style that we tend to gravitate towards when we choose our clothing day to day.

This post I am going to share with you the 5 vintage essentials that were the key pieces of my wardrobe and what really helped me evolve my own signature style-using vintage.

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The vintage summer dress or kaftan:

Okay so that is two items (you get me on a technically), but if you are not really into kaftans like I am then, the Vintage summer dress is the perfect alternative. Now if you have read one of my very early blog posts on then you would know that my obsession runs deep with Kaftans. Being a surfer/ beach lover that I am, the kaftan is a fabulous essential in particular my wardrobe as not only is the kaftan light and easy to wear but it was a instant pop of colour that really allowed me to experiment with bold and creative prints whilst I was at the beach.

Alternatively, a vintage summer dress is perfect for having something that is not only unique but also feminine and every girls must have. Vintage summer dresses can be enhanced to match modern trends by simply adding a statement belt to the waist or accessorising with some bold chunky jewelry.


A Cocktail or Evening Dress

A girl has to wear something glamorous when she is partying up a storm with girlfriends or whilst on a date night, so for me this was a great way to wear something sexy, something that I know no one else owns and something bold. To this day my favourite evening dress was a vintage 1970’s emerald green halter maxi dress that I would wear on date nights feeling like I had embodied a modern Marilyn Monroe and like I could take on the world. I still have this dress, as it was my Mothers and waiting for the next summers date night so that I can wear it again.


Vintage Winter Sweater or Poncho

Okay, so I am cheating again by adding in 2 options here but this was just too tough to take one out. The Poncho, Sweater or Ugly sweater is a must have for any wardrobe and was a savior for those days where I was feeling a little frumpy, a little grumpy and had no interest in agonizing over what I wanted to wear that day. It was always a winner teaming it with my favorite pair of Levis jeans and converse all star. Win win.


High Waist Flares

For me this was a no brainer. We all wear jeans so an easy change for me was to wear vintage high waist jeans. Every time I don on my high waist-flared jeans I can’t help but think about the stunning and super cool Farrah Fawcett. Her casual sporty style was so effortless and sexy.


Vintage Accessories

Lastly if all else fails I would add vintage to my look using vintage accessories. Vintage accessories are a great subtle way to wear vintage without feeling bombarded by it. Vintage bags and shoes are totally my jam and was a great way to really allow myself to not feel overwhelmed when my confidence was a little low.

So there you have it my 5 vintage wardrobe essentials that helped me to create my own signature style and evolve my passion for retro vintage. What are your vintage wardrobe essentials? Let us know on social media! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

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