80s Memories

80s Memories

There is always a great debate surrounding the 80’s with many of us opting to try and forget rather that remember this great decade that was so unlike any other decade in history. This week is a dedication to 80s memories.

Maybe you were one of those girls that had the big hair with the big fringe dressed in fluro and lycra, taking inspiration from movies like Flashdance or Fame and idols like Madonna. For the blokes maybe you took inspiration from hit TV series like Magnum growing big moustaches or followed punk rock singers and rocking out in your own pair of snow washed or acid washed jeans teamed up with a rad battle jacket.


*Caption: Lycra lycra lycra

For me the 1980’s were about the bold colors, the big hair with even bigger personalities like Tina Turner and Madonna topping my list of all time idols from that era. Classic movies like The Goonies (Hey you guys! Lol), Top Gun and who are you going to call? GHOST BUSTERS!. The craze of cabbage patch dolls and the Rubik cube, which always seemed easier and a lot quicker to pull of the stickers and re stick them in colour order.

 tina turner

*Caption: Big hair, big voice, the one and only Tina Tuner 

      004 Rubik's cube Ideal 1980 USA

*Caption: The dreaded Rubiks Cube

I may have been to young to personally witness some of the major news and political events that happened around the world but I am in awe of humanity and what people were willing to stand up and fight for. Some big stand out events were the boycott of the 1980 summer Olympics (Moscow) by approximately 65 countries over the invasion of Afghanistan by the Russians and for the first time Zimbabwe achieved Black African majority rule.

Yep however you remember the 80’s it was definitely a decade that you either loved or hated, but regardless it was one of the most memorable and one of kind decades of the century.



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