A dedication to Star Wars

A dedication to Star Wars

Wether you are a lover, a hater or a closet watcher and liker of the films there is no denying Star Wars has been a phenomenon which has taken the world by storm spanning over 37 years. As today is May the fourth (...may the force! get it?) and in dedication to everything Star Wars.

Hold onto your lightsabers and your closest Ewok or Chewbacca and take an epic trip down memory lane.


*Caption: A few laughs on set

Star Wars: Chewbacca and Han Solo aiming weapons

*Caption: Chewbacca and Han Solo on the attack


*Caption: Everyone needs a hairdresser especially Chewbacca


*Caption: Princess Leia and her body guards


*Caption: I want my own Ewok


*Caption: Can you guess who is who?

May the fourth be with you!!

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