A year that was and to the year ahead

A year that was and to the year ahead

As the year that was ends and we look to the year ahead I am so grateful for so many things that have happened to my family, myself and Desert Lily Vintage in 2014, not one to brag at all but I cannot help but reflect on the year that I have had in business and life and feel proud of the accomplishments that my family and business have achieved.

2014 was a massive, cracker and even a blinder of a year and here is why.

  • 2014 started with my lover and I getting married in early February in front of all of our family and friends in a beautiful garden ceremony with our son (then 6 months old) standing by our side.
  • Soon after we moved interstate from the coast to the country. We left our beloved apartment in the Northern beaches of Sydney New South Wales and relocated to Bendigo Victoria. A move spurred on by my husband leaving his career in the Australian Defence Force and following his passion of being an Outdoor Educator. This was not only an exciting adventure but a little scary as we would not only be leaving our friends but also the beautiful beaches behind, I have always been a coastal girl myself so was feeling a little apprehensive at our new experience. I was soon to be a country wifey/mother living on a 6 acre country block of land on the out skirts of town. Wow wee.
  • The exciting news that we were expecting our second child in early November. At the time our eldest son was 7 months old and we were thrilled at the thought that our little man would have a buddy to play with and grow up with.
  • Our retro revolution was growing and extending our reach through our various social media platforms, making sales to many retro lovers around Australia with great positive feedback and many happy returning customers. This was an exhilarating feeling considering how new we were and to think we have only been around on the on-line scene for 18 months is amazing.
  • Okay so as we plow on through the year November was in sight and it could not have come quick enough with the impending arrival of our second child a boy. Our little little man arrived early November at lightening speed and has joined the retro revolution; he just doesn’t know it yet.
  • Even though we are fairly new to the scene there is always room for professional and personal growth and I am a big believer in life coaching and work life balance or as my husband says “be all you can be or to be the better version of yourself”. So in-between the sleepless nights and family time the end of the year has all been about learning. Thank you to Jane Copeland from CopingwithJane and Kate McKibbin from SecretBloggersBusiness for their wisdom and mentoring.
  • I turned the big 30 in early December; yep I am no longer in my 20’s and totally excited for what my 30’s has to offer.

Wow, it certainly has been a big year for not only myself personally but for Desert Lily Vintage. So where to now? Well 2015 is about connection and relationships. How is that going to be possible I hear you ask? Well with social media now in every aspect of our lives and a smart phone permanently attached to us (even my little man knows how to talk on my phone. Eekk) we are going to be more transparent with our retro lives and spread the retro revolution far and wide and we want you to jump on board and join us.

So as many of us see in the New Year with fuzzy heads from boozing and over excitement at saying goodbye to 2014 and a big hello to 2015, lets take a moment to reflect and appreciate our achievements of 2014. Now that that is done dream big (and I mean BIG) of what we want for 2015 in all areas of life.

How is your 2015 going to be like? Share us your thoughts in the comments below.


*Caption: My beautiful tribe of men.

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