An 80's Crush - Madonna

An 80's Crush - Madonna

Have you ever had a crush growing up? Had posters on your bedroom walls and their names plastered over your school books? As I write this I can tell you now of other people’s fantasy crushes, like my sisters crush on Leonardo Dicaprio and my husbands complete obsession with Axl Rose from Guns n Roses throughout high school even going as far as opting to be called Axl for his middle name (As a joke…he has a normal middle name!). Maybe this takes you back to some fond memories of your childhood or teenage crush when you were growing up.

So about my crush… I wasn’t the kind of girl that had posters up in my room or celebrity’s names plastered over my books. Like most of my vintage journey until launching Desert Lily Vintage in 2013 I had kept it hidden from everyone, even those I loved didn’t really know of my true love and passion. But don’t feel too sad I did have some very out there vintage moments throughout my childhood that have really shaped me into the retro vintage lover of all 1970’s and 80’s. If you haven’t already guessed it a massive influence for me was the one and only Madonna.

I can remember back in primary school as an 11 year old to be exact we had a dress up day as any book character, person of influence etc and many kids in my school were dressed as super hero’s and fictional characters and what do I dress as? Yep you guessed it Madonna with short-cropped bike pants and frilled over layered shirt, crop top, big teased hair, crucifix necklace and chocker chains and toped off with a pair of my Mum’s laced gloves. Not your average 11 year old dress up day outfit but with all my spunk and personality I was determined to unleash my inner Madonna on the world, well at least my school peers. Consequently my schoolteacher Mrs Gribble sent me to the principles office for wearing a non age appropriate outfit and I was sent home with a note to my parents. The note was ripped up, not a word was mentioned and back into hiding did my love of vintage retro and Madonna go.


*Caption: My Inspiration.

Practically everyone has in some capacity heard of Madonna, her music, maybe you have been lucky enough to see her in concert and her performances. But if you grew up in the 80’s her music and most of all her fashion style and trends would have massively influenced you. Girls everywhere wanted to mimic her (myself included) and be her and guys wanted to date her.

Oh Madonna where do we start?

Madonna Louise (yep we share the same middle name) Ciccone was born in Michigan 1958 moved to New York as a teenager with $35 in her pocket to chase a career in Modern Dance. Her career started off as a back up singer and dancer for a French disco artist on his world tour in 1979. Soon after she started up a couple of rock bands – Breakfast Club and Emmy with a love interest but quickly broke free and becoming a solo artist know only as Madonna from 1982.

Since starting her career as a solo artist Madonna quickly cemented herself as not only a pop star and entertainer but as a style icon. She was not only daring and willing to take risks with her music and fashion but was as every bit involved in the process. She often wrote and produced her own songs. Madonna was so fashion forward in her thinking and style that she had set the fashion trend of the 80’s spanning the entire decade.


*Caption: Constantly reinventing herself. Note the backwards denim jacket, only a trend setter could pull a look off like that.

Fun facts about Madonna:

-       She is the highest nominated and MTV video award winner ever.

-       She held the Guinness World Record for having the biggest attendance at that time for one of her concerts with a attendance of 130,000 – Who’s that girl tour.

-       She has been on tour 9 times with 5 being world tours.

-       Madonna’s tour Sticky & Sweet is one of the highest grossing concerts by a solo artist.

-       Her net worth value for 2013 was estimated at $500 million (not bad for someone that started her career with $35 in her pocket).

Like me, many girls, teenagers and women alike had a crush on Madonna and saw her as not only an idol but as a visionary. She was so ahead of her time and made such a massive impact on the 80’s but was still able to reinvent herself over and over again.

Who was your childhood crush? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a  comment.


*Caption: Strike a pose.


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