Easy ways to add vintage to any look

Easy ways to add vintage to any look


It’s no surprise that here at Desert Lily we just love vintage. The creativity, expression, incorporation of retro key pieces and living a more sustainable life is what really makes our heart sing. So we want to give you ways to add vintage to any look.

But what if you find it all a little overwhelming and are scared that if you tried you will look like you are about to attend a retro costume party. Well I can tell you at the beginning of my transformation about 3 years ago I felt the same, so I have dedicated this post to you from one vintage lover to another.

Below are some tips that I use when getting dressed in the morning.

  1. Get inspired

With the internet at our fingertips it is as easy as swiping through our smart phones for some quick inspiration whenever we need it. By simply heading over to social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram it’s a great way to get visual and see how others dress and style utilizing vintage.

Another great way to get inspired is to draw from your favourite era and style icons. Whether it is the flowing, whimsical boho style of the 60’s and 70’s or the 90’s grunge look that stirs up the emotions inside this is a great place to get a sense of what you are drawn to.

When we are stuck for some inspiration we love @leahhoff , @opshoptorunway & @josiestardust on Instagram. Also check out our Pinterest page for some great visual delights.


Caption: Sexy and classy Farrah!

  1. Head into your wardrobe

The first place to start is always your wardrobe. This is where you can get a sense of what your style is currently and where you want to go from there.

If you don’t own any vintage, that’s okay focus on the key pieces of clothing that you love to wear and build on it.

Also be opportunistic and raid your parents or grandparent’s wardrobes (with permission of course), as you may find some gorgeous treasures that will hold so much meaning when you wear them. To this day I have a handful of clothing from my Mum that is for the personal collection only and I cherish like a 3rd child.

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*Caption: Every retro lovers dream wardrobe.

  1. Accessorize

Now I am going to be honest, this is not a strong area of expertise and I am not one to wear alot of jewelry, but it is a vital component when adding vintage to any look. Simply add a vintage belt to a dainty floral dress, or some gorgeous on trend statement jewelry with a vintage dress to instantly update any look.


*Caption: This picture embodies the beautiful balance between accessories. Amazing boots available at the Josie Stardust website.

  1. Repurpose vintage clothing

I love this idea, as it is a fabulous way to not only unlock your own creative style but also put your stamp on something and bring it forward from the past to the present. Bringing up the hem of a dress or skirt and taking in a box dress for a snugger fit are great little tricks to change the look of a vintage piece.

ladygirl vintage

*Caption: Beautiful up-cycled retro pussy bow blouse by Ladygirl Vintage.

  1. Try vintage inspired fashion

This is a great way to dip the toe into the vintage world whilst staying in your comfort zone so to speak. Vintage inspired fashion is a great for experimenting with different eras whilst still staying on trend. Clothing comes in various sizes and all clothing is new. Always a winner Modcloth is the only place to start and try Rock Indigo.


*Caption: Modcloth is amazing for dipping your toe into the vintage world

So listed above are just a few tips and easy ways to add vintage to any look but the most important thing is looking and feeling great in what you are wearing.

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