Fashion Trends of the 70's

Fashion Trends of the 70's

There is alot that can be said about the fashion of the 1970’s from the bright colour and pattern choices, to fashion styling. However, there is no denying the revolution of fashion occurred at the turn of the century with the end of 1969 – 1970.

The early 70’s were very much considered the fun era following on from the swinging 60’s with bright and bold psychedelic colours and favorite fashion elements carried over to perfectly blend the mods and hippies.


*Caption: Disco vs Punk. What is your preference?

By the mid 70’s many famous designers like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and YSL were experimenting with a diverse range of fabrics like tweed, wool, cotton and silk producing very beautiful and popular outfits like jumpsuits, loose free flowing evening gowns that could be worn day or night and casual peasant outfits resulting in many of their collections being in high demand. The colour palette had also changed around this time to more pastels eventually further evolving to the more earthy tones by the late 70’s.

Throughout this decade men and women alike preferred the comfort of polyester skintight casual t-shirts teamed up with flared bell-bottom jeans and platform shoes as the outfit of choice making this a staple of many wardrobes. Another staple for every man during the 70’s was the v-neck striped shirt and every kind of suit ranging from the classic safari pant suit in pastel and leisure suit to later in the 70’s the track suit with Adidas really stamping it’s mark on this decade. Women however had quite a large range of fashions to choose from with the must have item being the cowl neck sweater and head to toe accessories quickly became every women’s best friend. It is also fair to say that for women the evening dresses definitely evolved throughout the 1970’s from the skirt waist dresses to the more glamorous bare-backed and low cut dresses.


*Caption: Bright and casual


*Caption: Sexy jumpsuit anyone?

My love and passion for the 70’s is without a doubt is influenced by the strong sense of being who ever you desire and expressing yourself by experimenting with the diverse range of colours, fashions and trends from this era. I love how you can be casual yet classy in a great set of flare jeans with your favorite tee throughout the day then as soon as the sun sets dress yourself up in a sexy silk maxi gown or boho flutter dress releasing your inner goddess to the world.

1312769966416562  70s_sat_fever

*Caption: Iconic 70's

The 1970’s transformed and progressed through many different trends from the more conservative to flowing and tailored to the outrageously revealing and skin tight outfits. What ever your preference this era really had something for everyone.

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