Fashion Trends of the 80's

Fashion Trends of the 80's

As I reflect on my 30 years of life whilst flipping though my family album, page after page I was smacked in the face by everything BIG. Yes you heard me right; let me explain further; big colour, big shoulder pads and of course big hair. See where this is going? Uh huh. Yes I am talking about the fashion trends of the notorious 1980’s.

What do you think when you think about the 80’s? Do you cringe, close your eyes and will the thought out of your head? Are you one that loved everything about the 80’s, fashion especially? Well whatever has come to mind for you we are going to take a little nostalgic walk into the past and recap on a decade that was made famous by it’s bold, wild and whacky fashion trends.

We all know the highlights of this decade like the big hair, leg warmers, shoulder pads, fingerless gloves, huge bright earrings and jewellery accompanied loud make up, but I’m going to do something a bit different and recap on a few of my families favourite styles from this decade.

My first style, which was very much my Mum’s favourite style, was the power suit and those dreaded shoulder pads. The power suit which was very much inspired by the soap program Dynasty was all about portraying an image of wealth and success with a shift in women moving out of the homes and joining the workforce. My Mum was no exception to this rule and I guess the bigger the shoulder pads, hair and shiny costume jewellery the bigger the success. Ha. Another look, which my Mum loved, was the oversized jumpers covered in sequins, diamanté and bold block colours. Come to think of it this trend has never actually left my household with every winter Mum pulling out her beloved oversized jumpers rocking them all winter long.


*Caption: My Mum's inspiration.

This next style, which I guess is every teenager, dancers and my eldest sisters dream, is the “Flash Dance or Fame look”. This trend was the slouch shirt, blouse, oversized jumper teamed up with leggings, mini skirt and of course the legwarmers. This look was extremely popular across all age groups and could be worn in any setting. The only people who were not wearing this look were the elderly and men.


*Caption: Oh so hip and cool.

My Fathers style that never really changed since that late 70’s was the athletic wear or most specifically the Adidas tracksuit with my Dad owning at least 4 sets for different days of the weeks. I guess he worked on the logic if you like something get it in every color. The 80’s were a decade for sports branding with athletes like Michael Jordan having lucrative sponsership deals only propelling the brands further. Popular brands and companies like Adidas, Nike, Coca-cola and Pepsi profited the most with practically men of all ages sporting these popular brands.


*Caption: Tracksuit mayhem.

Lastly my sisters favorite and mine were none other than the greatest shoes of all time, the Jellies. Nod with me if you owned a pair in the 80’s and have a pair in your wardrobe now or have ‘been tempted to buy them again? Yes our love ran deep for these 80’s plastic and glittery shoes to the point that we still own a pair each. Like many fashion trends of the 80’s this too took off in a major way with everybody rocking these shoes. I guess you can’t go past a shoe that is not only inexpensive, wearable but also super easy to clean.

There is no denying this decade was made notorious by many styles and trends over a decade and whatever your own individual style was it was all about expression and creativity.

What do you love or hate about the 80's? Tell us what you think by adding a comment below.


*Caption: Big, bold and bright. What's not to like?


*Caption: Madonna!


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