For The Love of Vintage Markets

For The Love of Vintage Markets

Wether you are casually strolling through the stalls at your local markets with a coffee in hand, or looking for a certain something we all love the markets and a great bargain. Desert Lily Vintage has held a few stalls since launching in June 2013 and this weekend Desert Lily Vintage and it's staff held a stall at the Rozelle Vintage Markets on the out skirts of Sydney CBD. As well as our stall there were several stalls selling bold and bright kaftans, ponchos and jackets, home wares ,brick-a-brac and other vintage retro treasures. This provided us a great opportunity  to meet some incredible, interesting and friendly people from all walks of life. Now after a whole day of talking to the locals, taking in some amazing acoustic music, the vibe of the markets and hours of people watching we have been able to observe some interesting things about vintage lovers and hunters.

Vintage lovers and hunters can generally be categorized into two main groups. Now group number one, these vintage lovers and hunters are up at the crack of dawn bright eyed and bushy tailed already at the markets before you can say "Old is the new NEW!" These people don't mind if stall holders are still unpacking and love to be the first to discover the new treasure of the day. The second group of vintage lovers and hunters love to have a lazy morning and are generally in no hurry at all. Casually strolling around the stalls these vintage lovers love to take in the atmosphere, reminisce on vintage retro treasures whilst perusing stall after stall.


IMG_5133*Caption: Desert Lily Stall

IMG_4345   IMG_5132 IMG_5128

*Caption: A collection of some of our treasures


*Caption: Fancy this dress?

Which ever kind of vintage lover or hunter you are we all love to have a good rummage for a great bargain and find that little or big something that is hip, authentic and slightly quirky that fits into our life and touches our spirit.

Which vintage lover or hunter are you?

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