Frock Me Happy

If you could describe yourself as a frock (dress), how would you? Are you frills, poker dots, tailored and structured, flowing and sheer or lace? Either way many of us identify ourselves through our fashions and dresses, especially in the summer during hot days and balmy nights, in the office and on a fun and flirty girls night out.


In my mind there is nothing more that screams confident and feminine than seeing a gorgeous girl/lady strutting her stuff down the street in a stella frock, a great set of pumps and a attitude that screams “I am women hear me roar”. The beautiful Marilyn Munro comes to mind.

Purple dress front                Purple dress front

*Caption: Fun and floral

Brown dress front

*Caption Boho flow

So go on ladies whatever the occasion bust out the frocks, the confidence with your mega what smile and use the world as your catwalk.


 What frock are you?

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