How to adapt your vintage wardrobe to the seasons

How to adapt your vintage wardrobe to the seasons

vintage wardrobe

With summer long gone and many of us wondering what to do with our summer vintage favorites, which vintage garments to be grabbing from our wardrobes next and how on earth to mix our all-time favorite vintage throughout the seasons?

So we have compiled a list of 4 essential vintage items that will stop you feeling overwhelmed and adapt your vintage favorites through all the seasons.

Vintage Dresses

Vintage dresses are lightweight, elegant and add a great pop of colour to not so sunny days. To keep the summer vibes going through autumn add a pair of stockings, cardigan or blazer to help keep the chill away with your favourite ballerina flats.

vintage wardrobe    vintage wardrobe

Caption: One dress worn for two seasons.

Vintage Jackets

Adding a vintage blazer or vintage jacket to your winter looks is the number one outer wear option to take your outfit from day to night for those more unpredictable mother nature days where you may get 3 seasons in a day. Use your vintage blazer or jacket as a layering piece or a pratical piece.

vintage wardrobe

Caption: Mixing era's and patterns is our stand out tip this season.

Vintage Skirts

Vintage Skirts in all shapes and sizes are great vintage pieces to transition your style and wardrobe from summer right to winter. Sticking with basic tees or crops and by adding a long retro skirt is our number way to add texture, flare and bonus keep the chill away.

vintage wardrobe

Caption: Bringing a blend of mod and boho in one style. 

Vintage Accessories

Vintage accessories are a great subtle way to wear vintage without feeling bombarded by it. Vintage bags, scarfs, belts and jewellery are a great way to allow myself to not feel overwhelmed when my confidence was a little low.

Caption: Scarfs are a great way to add small pops of colour to your look.

With no more than 4 key vintage favorites you will be able to stop the over whelm, get more wear from your wardrobe and add your personal flare to any occasion.















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