How to create your own retro style.

How to create your own retro style.

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Ever wondered how the vintage pros did it? With they’re glamorous oh so divine outfits and put together hair and make up. Maybe you went on your own vintage shopping adventure with high hopes only to feel completely overwhelmed and disheartened.

Well I have great news for you. All of the vintage pros started somewhere and felt just like you at some point.

Friends and family often ask me how I incorporate my retro style into everyday life without looking like I have just stepped out of a time machine.

So I have compiled five basic tips, which will help any wanna-be fashionista looking to add a bit of vintage retro to their wardrobe and create their own retro style.

Draw from the past:

Whether you love the trendsetter ways of Madonna or the effortless casual style of Farrah Fawcett we can all get inspiration from past and present style icons.

In this day and age you no longer have to watch reruns of your favorite vintage movies or raid your parents and grandparents wardrobe to get a sense of what your desired style is.

It is easy to get inspiration from a wide range of sources like social media, blogs, vintage expos and vintage magazines.

Start with one piece:

Starting with one piece is key to building your confidence and your own retro style. Maybe it is a funky retro t-shirt that you can pair with your favorite pair of jean or a cute vintage dress with a even cuter cotton cardigan. The options are endless but all it takes is one piece.

Be brave:

Whenever you buck the norm and do something different people are going to notice and that is okay. The best advice I ever received was from my Mother, which was “ Darling a little bit of confidence goes a long way” and this is so true when it come to retro fashion and style.

Hit the vintage sales:

This is great way to not only become familiar with retro and vintage clothing but an excellent way to explore what you are naturally drawn to. This will also help to buy some key basics without blowing the budget.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your own authentic retro style.

Stay true to you:

This was the biggest lesson I have learned to date on my retro journey. There is only one you in the world so why try to be someone else.

Don’t compare yourself to others and their style or vintage wardrobes it only leads to envy and will in the process shatter your own confidence.

So with these five basic tips you too can build your own authentic retro style without breaking the budget and your confidence.

What is your favourite vintage retro fashion item? Please share your comments.

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