How to find the perfect pair of recycled jeans

How to find the perfect pair of recycled jeans

We all love a great pair of worn in jeans that hugs you in all the right places, yet hides all of those little pesky lumps and bumps. But if you are like me you also don’t want the stress and anxiety of trying on hundreds of jeans only to walk away disheartened and with nothing.

So after two pregnancies, which has blessed me with two beautiful babies but at the same time left me with a body that I don’t even recognise anymore I decided it was time to ditch my maternity jeans and get my sexy back, in a Mummy way of course.

Now with a tighter budget and the cost of living higher then ever, more and more of us are looking for better quality for less. So I was on a mission to find some great quality jeans with a budget of only $20. Sounds crazy I know but with these tips at your local op shop trust me it can be done.

So here is your how to guide for finding those perfect pair of jeans.

Know you size:

Now I know this can be a little tricky as we are all different shapes and sizes but knowing your body shape (pear, apple, vase etc) will keep you ahead of the game. If you are a little clueless like me about what shape you are here is a great link to Trinny and Susannah body shape guide:

Another thing to note is roughly what tag size you are this will make things allot faster in picking out a few great pairs without the hassle of trying on hundreds of pairs.

Know your brand:

This one is a bit of a no brainer. We all have our favorite brands that not only look and feel amazing on us, but give us that little confidence boost. Have a look through your wardrobe for your favorite pair of jean (whether they still fit or not). Now what is it about these jeans that make them your best and most loved? Is it the cut? The colour? The size? Take mental notes of all of these features, as it will help you when you are on the hunt.

Know your colour:

We all know that black is slimming so stick with this method when picking the colour of the Jeans. If you want to hide the shape of your legs opt for a darker pair of jeans and steer clear from two toned of distressed jeans, as this will only draw attention to that area and make you look much larger. Now on the flip side if you are a petite or very thin and want to give yourself a more womanly figure opt for a light denim wash.

Detailing in the jeans:

Okay so lets get into the details. Think about how you want to wear them. Do you want a straight leg or boot cut? Do you want the skinny legged or cuffed? Now a couple of tips I have picked up from my girlfriends are stay away from a skinny legged or tapered jean if you don’t want to emphasis your thighs. Boot cut and flare jeans balance your figure and making you look more feminine which is great if you want to enhance your shape.

Think about what type of waistband you need. A moderate or mid-rise is great for covering that junk in your trunk as well as the tummy.

Lastly pockets are another important detail that you want to be looking out for. If you have a bit of a flat butt and really want to round it up then high pockets are a great way to really show off your derriere. On the flip side if you want to minimize your derriere then pockets which are positioned closer together and a bit lower down the butt will take the focus elsewhere. Win.

Try them on:

Once you have your collection of jeans it is always a must to actually try them on. As I am a bit of a whimp when it comes to taking the plunge and trying clothes on I always try on the clothing that I know will be a little big. That way I have a great confidence boost and hopefully come away with a win.

Squat test:

Don’t forget to do the squat test whilst you are in the change room. Quite simply squat or do a couple of lunges just to make sure you can breathe down their if you know what I mean. Jeans will naturally have a little stretch in them but there is nothing worse than buying a pair of jeans and you killing yourself trying to sit down in them.

So what was the result of my search for the perfect pair of recycled jeans? Well at $7 a pair I bought a pair of boot cut denim Country Road jeans and a great pair of dark denim straight cut Levis. I was stoked to say the least and had $6 left over to treat myself of a soy latte. Wahoo

So to wrap up this little how to guide the key take away point here is to know what areas you want to hide and what areas you want to show off. With these fail safe tips you can’t go wrong next time you are on the hunt for some fabulous pre loved jeans.

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