If you don’t Op Shop now. You’ll hate yourself later.

If you don’t Op Shop now. You’ll hate yourself later.

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If you don’t Op Shop now. You’ll hate yourself later. 

I have noticed a very suttle trend at the moment that seems to be surrounding me everywhere. With friends, loved ones, colleagues and the media, practically every which way I turn and I really need to get this off my chest.

What is the big deal with wearing or using recycled products and more specifically fashions. When did we all of a sudden become a consumer driven race?

Since starting my business a year and a half ago I have across the board been getting more and more questions about my fashion and where I have been obtaining it.

I am not sure if this is because before my business my fashion style was never an issue or the fact that I kept my love and passion for retro fashion and op shopping under wraps but it seems to be now a running trend.

Why did I keep this secret?

Honestly, I feared deep down of not being liked any longer and that maybe I would be perceived as a different person to them for buying and wearing recycled fashions.

Can you relate to this?

Over the last year and a half there has been a few lessons I have leant myself and I want to share with you. Here is some food for thought.

In an economy where the cost of living is rising and wages staying roughly the same daily purchases are becoming more of a burden on our wallets, not to mention trying to keep up with the constant cycle of ever changing what is “so hot right now” (yes I just quoted Zoolander) and the constant repeating of fashions.

In todays society where consumerism is so high due to the brain washing of advertising and marketing that is constantly thrown in our faces on a daily basis with “must have’s” to be on trend and must have that to look better, run faster or be more liked.

Well I call bullshit!

What ever happened to dressing for your figure? For your own personal style and even better dressing for your own personal taste and creative soul?

Doesn’t it seem more logical to wear recycled fashion not to mention your wallet and credit card thanking you for the savings you will make.

Have you ever borrowed clothes from siblings, maybe it was a cute little LBD that your sister wore the month prior and you knew it would look steller on you. Maybe you “borrowed” clothes from friends and have not bothered to return them. Have you received hand me downs or cast off’s as a child from your mothers friends children?

So how is that any different from going down to your local op shop and going through the racks and buying something from there?

Ah so I hear you say but I don’t know that person, or what if someone died in those clothes, I don’t want to be wearing “a dead persons clothes”.

Unless you like wearing elderly persons clothes (if you do I am totally cool with that. No judgment here) there is an extremely low chance that the designer Witchery blouse that you picked up off the rack is in actual fact worn by the local junkie that has just died of an overdose and as a result the clothes ended up there.

Further to that.

What does it bloody matter what journey the clothes have come from since landing in your hands right now? I mean seriously how is it different from receiving clothes from the people you know?

All of the clothing in op shops are clean and in great condition as a result of the volunteers sorting through them before putting them on the racks. So in actual fact you are getting the best of the best.

Many Op Shops will have a diverse and great range of designer fashion that have been donated that it is only to easy to end up with a basket full of clothes for a fraction of the full retail price.

So next time you have the urge to head out for a shopping adventure will you be buying recycled fashion?

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