Make This Year Your Year of Fashion Sustainability

Fashion Sustainability

According to the Textile Beat on average Australian’s send a shocking 23kgs of textiles (fast fashion plus more) to landfill a year and are the second largest consumer of new textiles as stated by Jane Milburn. Regardless of wether you buy fast fashion or not those statistics kick us all in the guts hard. From a very young age on some level we were all taught the value of recycling, reducing our waste and to take care of our belongings. Yet, those statistics will only go up if we do not take action now and make conscious choices that are sustainable. What can you do about this? We have listed 5 simple things that you can do this year to make sound sustainable fashion decisions.

Mend and repair your existing clothing

Fashion Sustainability

This one is a bit of a no brainer, but with today’s culture around waste and ridiculously priced fashion with some as cheap as a coffee sometimes it’s as simple as hand stitching a button or unraveled seam to add some longevity to our loved clothing.

Borrow & Clothes swap

Fashion Sustainability

If you needed a time to get your friends together for a borrow and swap party now is the time. Borrowing clothing is the best way to get extra longevity from threads that you may not ever wear again and who know you might come across a new to you favorite piece of clothing. To get the most out of this you need to have partygoers to be close to your size as you to get the most out of it. Want to host your own vintage party and have us come to your door? Here is how (we are based out of Sunshine Coast, QLD).

Buy Secondhand

Fashion Sustainability

There is no greater feeling then buying your favorite designer clothing piece from a local Op shop and for a fraction of the price. In my view buying secondhand is really a win win - you win by getting designer treads pre loved that are of a great quality, your local charity wins by your purchases and the environment wins.

Ethical Fashion

Fashion Sustainability

On those occasions where you feel like a splurge and something new there are several leading Australian ethical brands that can be found on-line and in boutiques, one of our favorite spaces besides Instagram using the hashtag #ecofasion #ethcialfashion is Ethical Clothing Australia. It covers a range of apparel and suits many tastes.


Fashion Sustainability

Lastly ask yourself some simple questions like “Do I really need this item of clothing?” or “Can I do without this purchase?” and reconsider your purchase.

So when applying fashion sustainable options to your daily lives by getting dressed in the morning, shopping consciously and focusing a little each day to live a little more sustainably for a better tomorrow.

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