Mens Vintage Tees

Mens Vintage Tees

Recently I have stumbled across a shocking discovery, in my blogs I have been neglecting the male vintage retro lovers out there, so I will be rectifying it by dedicating this blog to all the males. This week whilst conducting our mid year stock take I have found a newfound love of men’s vintage and retro tee’s (t-shirt). Why do I love vintage tee's on Men and what are some tips you can take with you for when you are out on the hunt for your own vintage tee?

Beside the obvious that there is nothing sexier than seeing a man strut down the street with swagger in his step and oozing confidence whilst wearing a vintage tee.

I love how not only do vintage men’s tee’s have a great fit which really shows off a mans physic, the softness of the fabrics with the majority of vintage tee’s made from 50/50 polyester or 100% cotton and last but not least the great big and bold slogans, logos and graphics on the front of many tees.

brad pitt

*Caption: Brad Pitt rocking a vintage singlet tee in Fight Club.

Mark-Wahlberg-Boogie-Nights-29-7-10-kc 635169078634330000

*Caption: Boggie nights and The Goldbergs are two great examples of vintage tees for the 7970's & 80's.

Some great tips for when you are shopping for your own vintage tees:

- Big graphics to look out for; rock stars, punk, metal and hip-hop bands of the 70’s and 80’s, university logos, pin-ups, retro and muscle cars or Coca-Cola logos etc.

- The brand and t-shirt tag on it. A great guide can be found on the defunkd website that specializes in vintage tees

- The condition of the tee may be worn, faded and peeling.

DLV39  mens glass recycles shirt front

*Caption: Vintage tees from our website.


*Caption: A great example of how the logo may look, worn and vintage.

Whether you are out to buy a tee for yourself or someone else there is no denying the nostalgia that a vintage tees evokes.

Will your next t-shirt be a vintage tee? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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