My First Vintage Piece

My First Vintage Piece

first vintage piece

It was LOVE at first sight. I discovered a THRIFT STORE near where I live. I was only 14 years old. To be honest, the shop just caught my attention because things inside there were really cheap, not because everything looked pretty and nice. I stepped into the shop and until now, I can still remember that faint smell of that store. It’s not really a bad thing, it’s just that it’s not what I am used to, you know.

Anyway, I was just browsing random clothes in there, and then this bag got my attention. It’s red, and it stood out from all the dusty bags in there. I told you it was love at first sight. I immediately fell in love with it. It’s a stretchy shoulder bag in excellent condition. It even has its tag attached to it! I saw the tag and it says it’s from Italy. Wow! There’s no second thoughts, I knew already that I was going to buy this!

As I asked the cashier for the price, she told me it’s Php30 (that’s less than a dollar). What a steal, I said to myself, without showing how I excited I was. The lady also told me that good thing someone bought that bag because according to her, it’s been there sitting there for almost a year now. Seems like no one is interested with this bag, hmmm, but really, I can’t see any reason not to love this bag. So there, I went home, transferred my things to my new bag, and surprisingly, everything fits in there!

I’m totally into this bag! That was my first thrifted bag, and up to this date, I’m still using it. In case you are curious, here's how it looks like (now).

first vintage piece

It's a little dirty because this baby has been with me since teenage years! I wash it from time to time but still, it has dirt and stains that I can't remove. It has ink stains at the bottom, too, because I used this bag during my time in the University. You know how a  Pilot pen can sometimes ruin your bag. Can you imagine this bag's journey?

first vintage piece

Believe it or not, everything fits in this little bag. I even put my DSLR in here, together with those things! And sometimes food, when I try to sneak in some snacks in class. It's a little stretchy so I think this maybe a good laptop sleeve, too!

As of the moment, I use this on casual days. Or when I am out with my friends. This has been part of my identity, even! When you see this bag, you'll definitely know it's me! True story! My friend once found me in a huge concert because of this bag. The bag caught her eye since it's red, plus, the only one that owns this kind of bag is me! Really handy, huh?


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