My Sustainable New Year’s Resolution

My Sustainable New Year’s Resolution

The year 2017 can evidently be one of the most eventful years for all of us. Be it on the large scale of things of politics, entertainment, or an environment, or it can be just in our simple, daily lives, a lot of things have happened. With that being said, everybody deserves a New Year, and the resolutions that can come with it. It is a time to start anew with positivity and self-improvement.

However, I have my fair share of making New Year’s resolutions and truthfully, its hard to keep up with it. I really get it. This is supposed to be an opportunity to better me and to do something positively impactful in my life. It's just really hard because, now that I look back into it, I somehow saw it as a burden or punishment to keep doing. Moreover, it was hard to keep up with my resolutions because some of the resolutions I have made have been always about myself. I have failed to incorporate others and the society as a whole in my conquest for betterment.

After I have made some thinking, I considered making some resolutions that are small enough to do on a daily routine yet significant enough to contribute to my well being and to the environment (yeah, I am an eco-warrior). This 2018, I have decided to live a conscious lifestyle with the things that I use, the food that I eat, and the mindset that I have about wastes and the environment. Some of these resolutions are:

1. Switching to reusable products.
2. Opting to choose cleaning products made with non-toxic materials.
3. Buying organic, community-supported agriculture fruits and vegetables.
4. Bringing my own shopping bags and containers to avoid using plastics.
5. Stopping with the use of plastic drinking straws.

Hopefully, by doing this, I will be able to make great changes in terms of my health (gotta shrug off all of these fats!), waste management, and cleanliness in my own home at the very least. A year worth of conscious living can make a huge difference, don’t you think?

...oh, and this should also be on your list:

sustainable new year

If you are interested, you can try it too! Do you have any suggestions as to how can someone start living a sustainable lifestyle this 2018? Or are you looking for more tips or advice? Hit us up on our social media accounts!

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