Poncho Love

Poncho Love

With the 2014 winter upon us and many style icons dressing in the latest capes and ponchos, I thought it be fitting to share my own personal love of ponchos. This winter is the first winter in a long time where the poncho has been an essential staple of my wardrobe. This is mainly due to my family’s move at the beginning of the year to country Victoria (Bendigo) from The Northern Beaches Sydney and my gosh it is one of the coldest places I have ever lived. We are not even into the middle of winter yet, yikes!.

You only have to Google search ponchos to see how popular and talked about the beloved over coat really are.

Why have they become my newfound love?

Ponchos are not only comfy, warm, wearable and suit any body type but it is especially perfect on any day where you are feeling a little bit frumpy or having an off day.  I love to throw my poncho on over some jeans, a casual cotton top and of course my Cons (Converse sneakers). Don’t get me wrong ponchos can come in all types of designs, styles, fabrics and material and can be worn several ways.



*Caption: Many types of ponchos in the popular knitted and crochet.

So if you want something that is trendy this season, will last the test of time and of course keep you toasty warm this winter ponchos are a must have staple this year.

Will you be donning the poncho this winter?


*Caption: This seasons catwalks collection of ponchos.


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