Starting Your Own Vintage Collection

Starting Your Own Vintage Collection

That should be easy, says my head. But the moment I get inside the thrift shop, the battle between "Omg, I want this! And that! And those, too!" and "Nah, you don't need it, and we'll be eating instant noodles for the next two weeks if you buy everything for sure!" starts.

Well, to be honest, I have limited myself on visiting shops like these before. Back when I haven't learned controlling myself from shopping, I always end up almost buying the whole shop, because ya know, it seems like you really need them in your life. Until this friend of mine told me that I was overdoing it. Of course, I let out a "You guys just don't understand!", I mean, who wouldn't? That's just shopping, and it doesn't hurt them at all. Plus the fact that it was my money I am spending and not theirs.

After that intervention, I slept it away. I was in the shower (Is it just me or ideas flow when you're in there?) when I realize that damn, I really don't need most of the things that I bought, do I? Most of them just sit in my closet, collecting dust. I haven't tried some of them yet, and some of them are too big or too small for me and I'm too lazy to have them repaired. So there, I gave in, apologized to my friend, and decided to have more discipline when shopping. Here are some tips that I would like to share with you:2

What are the items you need or want?

When starting your own vintage collection, you should first determine what are the things that you really want to collect. For instance, you are more on the fashion side and you want more of the classic 50s style, or maybe the hippie 70s, or like the grungy 90s. Or maybe you are after vintage accessories or maybe homewares? Whatever that is, you should first figure them out before going shopping because that's where overdoing it usually starts. Go for the things that you will use and enjoy.

How am I going to acquire my collection?

Start looking into how you will acquire your collection. Go out and find other vintage lovers. Well, not literally, since you can already join some Facebook groups that has the same interest as yours. Head to eBay or Etsy or find vintage sellers on Instagram. Go to a local thrift shop and ask them if they have an event or sale coming up so you can meet fellow vintage lovers. I have met a lot of other vintage collectors and gain a bunch of infos, too, like how to spot some real vintage goods, and also where to find them. That's hitting two birds with one stone! You get to meet new friends and get to find what you are really looking for!

What now?

If you are not interested in repairing, upcycling, wearing or even giving/selling it to someone who might need them, don't buy it. Not only that it will save you money, but it will also spare you some space in your room. Don't make the same mistakes! When you have finally bought something, make sure you know what to do with them. Are you gonna pair that with something that's already in your wardrobe? Do you think that will look cute with your shoes? If you are into homewares,do you have a place where you can display (if you are not going to use it) them? Ask yourself those questions first.

Am I passionate about this item and can I work this into my wardrobe and/or home?

Lastly, make sure you are passionate about them. We don't want to collect them now and lose interest hunting them down later, do we? That'll cost you time, effort and money.

Bonus tip: If in any case, you still managed to overdo it, remember that you can always sell it.


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