Sustainable Valentine’s Day Celebration

valentines day

valentines day

Many people may choke me to death by saying this but there is a hint of truth in saying that Valentine’s Day may be one of the most consumerist events of the year. Several gifts are being bought left and right just for the sake of your partner. I know, it is not a bad thing to make your significant other happy but we should also think about the bigger impact of the things that we do to the environment. What if I tell you that there is the way to celebrate Heart’s Day in a greener and more sustainable fashion? Check this out!

Go DIY in Gift Cards

Wasting a bunch of paper just for gift cards is a no-go, especially when you can design your own using the pieces of paper available in your home. This way, you can conserve resources and in a way, are helping the whole industry to conserve trees (which, if you don’t know, are the primary materials for paper, duh!).

Gift Plants

Valentines day

I have been shocked by the fact that most of my girl *SPACE* friends have taken a liking to taking care of plants, especially the bonsais and the cacti. You may want to consider giving these plants as gifts. It may serve as an ornament in their homes, and it surely can provide enjoyment and love other material gifts can’t provide.

Adopt. Don’t Shop!

valentines day

If you and your SO are animal lovers, please don’t consider buying a new puppy or kitten as a gift for Valentine’s Day. As an alternative, you can opt to adopt a dog that is need of a new home in your local pound. You can even go and choose together! Consider it as a bonding experience. This endeavor can even help save the lives of these neglected pets.

Re-usable Gifts

valentines day

Going practical can also be a good move for you. Gift your SO a reusable item that can be beneficial in his or her daily life. For example, you can give a reusable bag or container that can be used in shopping or in work. Think through the design and color to make it even more personal.

Got any more tricks about gift giving on Heart’s Day? Hit us up so we can know your thoughts about a sustainable celebration of this romantic holiday!

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