The Good Old Days - Retro Telephones

The Good Old Days - Retro Telephones

With the fast paced advance of technology, so too has the advance of the way we communicate with each other. Communication and talking to each other on telephones has seen us leave the confines of our homes to talking practically anytime and anywhere. With the next generation becoming more and more tech savvy and many households owning computers, lap tops, ipads and/or tablets and several mobiles it is quite easy to see how the rest of us are struggling to keep up with the latest communication devise. To make matters even worse there are a myriad of mobile apps that assist us with keeping connected without sometimes even needing a phone. They are applications like Facebook, Twitter, Heytell, Viber, Snapchat, Skype etc. Never heard of half these things and a little overwhelmed? You are not alone.

This week I wanted to take a step back and get a little nostalgic “on the good old days”.  I know I am still quite young as I approach my thirties at the end of the year but with all this lack of picking up a telephone and actually talking to each other it has made me sit back and reflect on my childhood and teenage years.

In my household growing up as one of three triplet sisters who all loved to talk and wow wee can we talk the back leg off a donkey!. Having said that my Mum also loved to have a good chat, now as you can imagine four women in one household, with one telephone always spells for a disaster. So my cheeky and clever Mum always knew that if she wanted to the telephone to chat there were a few things she had to do to make sure that she was able to physically track down the telephone and keep the phone bills down to a reasonable cost.  So one of the first things my Mum did was never upgrade the phone, sounds simple enough. In our household we had this very old vintage brown replica rotary dial telephone that did not have a very long extension cord so there was no chance of taking the telephone into your bedroom and talking privately. Now as a teenage your whole existence is a about privacy and independence from your family which is practically impossible in a household of women all attacking the telephone at once and trying to listen into conversations, steal the phone off each other and basically creating World War III.

At the time I used to hate the fact that my Mum and Dad were so uncool and behind on technology but now that I am an adult I can see how it has set some solid values and grounding for me now. Mobiles were not around till we were in the last years of high school so plans with friends and boyfriends had to be made at school for the next day or night, dinners were always at the table with conversations on the best parts of our days, what our chores were and of course a bit of sisterly rivalry and telephone or computer use were very much restricted to certain times of the day and timeframes.

I feel very blessed to have a childhood where I was instilled in the old fashioned values and had a lot of quality time with my family away from technology. Having children of my own now it makes me wonder how much more advancement in technology with be for them when they are growing up and how as a parent I can instill some old fashion values away from technology.

How will you decrease the impact of technology on yours or your family’s life?


*Caption: A very cheeky telephone chat.


*Caption: Captured beautifully.


*Caption: How I wished talking on the phone was like for me in my house hold.

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