Ugly Sweater Jumpers

Ugly Sweater Jumpers

With winter fast approaching and the temperatures dropping by the day I thought it only be fitting to talk about the beloved ugly sweater. When did they come into vogue? Did they every really go out of vogue? And why do I love them so?

The ugly sweater first hit the fashion catwalks in the early 1980’s and shortly after practically every male and female was sporting the baggy unfitted or knitted sweaters. The 80’s trend features big shoulder pads, big designs on the front with embellished prints of beading and sequenzes. The popular materials were wool with knitted baggy jumpers favored by most. Sweater jumpers were best teamed with jeans, leggings and/or chinos.

I don’t believe the ugly sweater really went out of vogue, however the trend did drop off the mainstream fashion by the early 90’s. The ugly sweater only made appearances in the northern hemisphere countries around the festive season with big loud Christmas prints on woolen turtle necks and jumpers (think Bridget Jones Diary). Another popular place where you would see the trend is on the ski slopes with many people wearing these jumpers at night in bars and clubs.


*caption: Ready for the slopes in matching sweaters.

There is one person that I know that has for certain missed the memo of the dropping trend of the ugly sweater been my Mum. For as long as I can remember at the start of every winter my Mum would go into her glory box (a big wooden storage box for clothes) and pull out all of her ugly sweater jumpers, and wow did she have allot. There were bright bold colored ones, sequenced flowers and woolen balls on others and all of them with built in shoulder pads. Some of the jumpers stopped at her waist and many others were baggy and worn loosely over the hips. I remember always complaining and begging my Mum not to wear the jumpers, as my Mum was a teacher at my high school. I was so embarrassed of the clothes she wore back then as I felt she was always so untrendy but in hind sight her free spirited and care free approach to fashion is what has inspired my love for vintage and retro fashion and helped define my own fashion style from a young girl.


*caption: A rocking 80's sweater jumper.

I now love on cold, dreary winter days to peek outside and get that shrill of excitement when it is drizzling with rain as it only means one thing? Sloppy oversized ugly sweater day. There is nothing better than pulling on my favorite jeans with a big over sized sloppy ugly sweater to keep you toasty warm throughout the day.

In 2014 no longer is the ugly sweater reserved for the festive silly season or the ski slopes, with many fashionistas sporting knitted oversized ugly sweaters this season. For the rocking looks this winter forget the shoulder pads in your sweaters it’s all about the baggy unfitted sweaters. Unleash your inner creative flare with big prints, bold funky patterns and embellished designs.

Will you embrace the ugly sweater trend this winter?


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