Upcycling - The Perfect Winter Project

Upcycling - The Perfect Winter Project

Winter, a time when many of us stay indoors, save a bit of money and hibernate through the miserable weather and chilly days until the sun comes out to play and entices us back outside. So how do we pass our time through winter? Are you a person that reads books? Do you cook or bake? Are you already losing your mind from spending too much time indoors with the kids running rampant? This winter I too have been pondering what can I do to make winter pass whilst keeping my sanity?

So after much deliberation and a bit of late night Googling I stumbled across a term that I was not quite familiar with, upcycling. What is it? Why is it so popular at the moment? And why have I not stumbled across this sooner? Well if you have been living under a rock for the past year like I have and wondering what it is all about then buckle up and get ready to be enlightened.

Upcycling or repurposing as it was know as is the converting of waste and unused or unloved products into something new, functional, unique and in many cases better. Upcycling is great for our environment and reducing our footprint as well as allowing our creative flare to be expressed in every which way our heart desires. You only have to look on Pinterest, Google and vintage blog sites to see how popular upcycling has become.

For me I love how upcycling is a cost effective way to express my creative flare on vintage treasures that I find along the way. I live for giving new life to something old (vintage), unloved and generic, taking it home seeing it’s potential and new function. I love how with some creativity, attention, love and dedication you can transform anything into something purposeful, beautiful and remarkable.

Upcycling comes in many forms and you can be as tame or extravagant as you wish. As I am very new to this I have started small to not only build up my confidence but also not completely freak out my husband. Small projects are great for weekends and perfect for not needing days upon days of attention, which is excellent for ensuring you will actually follow through and complete the project.

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*Caption: Great for the trendy hipster, retro accessories.


*Caption: Old vintage suitcase converted into a mirror medicine cabinet.


*Caption: A great idea for unused telephones and perfect for the home office or as a reading lamp.

So this winter if you are already starting to get a bit stir crazy or interested in been a little creative why don’t you upcycle something unloved and help our environment at the same the time.

What will you upcycle this winter? Leave us a comment and tell us what you have up cycled.

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