Valentines Love

Valentines Love

I'm feeling the love this week so in the spirit of Valentines Day I have decided to dedicate another blog to my love for everything retro and vintage. Yippee.



Who remembers those adorable retro cards back in the day that you either gave to a special valentine with a shaky hand or received from a special valentine? Either way as cheesy as those cards were they were also very rad and sweet? Yep I just had a flash back to the 80's and said "rad." Lol

Thinking back on it I can remember my first valentine. I was in the 4th grade at primary school and I had this massive crush on this boy in my class. He had the wispy blonde hair, bright dreamy blue eyes and a mega smile to match. In my mind he was dreamy and I was determined that year to not only actually go and talk to him but to make him a personalised valentines day card, hand it to him and declare my love to him behind the back building after school. Great plan? With a sense of purpose and a little bit of courage I made him a card with a bumble bee on the cover with a caption bubble saying, "Bee mine?" As the hours ticked over and school came to a close I headed off to find my valentine only to discover another girl giving him a card  as she was planting a big wet one (kiss) on his cheek. AAAAAHHHH


Well that was it, he was no longer my valentine, especially now that he had betrayed my unknown love for him. No sir, that card was torn up and in the rubbish bin as quick as you can say "hit the road jack" and I had made it my mission from that point on to ignore that boy that broke my heart on valentines day.

Luckily that did not deter me from finding and sharing love on Valentines Day.

What is your Valentines Day story?



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