Vintage Adventures in Bali

Vintage Adventures in Bali

Everyone loves holidays where you get to relax, have morning sleep ins, sip cocktails by the pool, eat great food and embrace the culture. So what better way to do that than share with you my vintage adventures in Bali.

In a recent blog Vintage updates and new ventures I mentioned my little up and coming R&R trip to Bali, which I was taking to witness a dear friend marry the man of her dreams and spend a bit of quality time with one of my triplet sisters (who was also a bridesmaid in the wedding).

It was a whirlwind trip of 3 nights that was unexpectedly extended to 10 nights due to an volcanic ash cloud grounding all aircraft. Bugger.

So if I was going to have an unexpected stay in Bali I was taking it as a sign to embrace my surroundings and have my own vintage adventure.

There is no doubt you can easily spend a good couple of weeks visiting a number of vintage places across the island and surrounding islands but this blog will be focusing on some of the places that I visited.

Okay lets get to it.

Vintage ‘Frog’ Market – Pasar Kodok Tabanan 

About an hour drive from Seminyak behind the busy streets of Tabanan you will find Bali’s biggest vintage market. These markets are considered a locals only market and it is easy to see why, there is an abundance of second hand clothing and goods here that will send any vintage lover into overdose.

On first glance it feels as through every single item of clothing from all of the lost and founds from every hotel across Bali has ended up here. I can assure you however that all of their treasures are imported from a myriad of second hand overseas dealers – Read more here. 

Here you will find all sorts of clothing dating right back to the 60’s from all reaches of the world.

Vintage t-shirts, dresses of all sorts, swimming bathers, shoes and much more, with brands like Levis, Bebe, Ralph Lauren, Stussy and Hang Ten just to name a few.

Be prepared to get dusty, sweaty and do alot of rummaging as these markets are all under canvas tenting and you can literally get lost in and amongst the treasures.

As this is a predominately a local market a great tip is to have a driver that will not only take you there and back from you hotel but also will do all of the bartering for you but also send you in the right direction when you are on a mission for a certain item.

*Caption: Hello vintage treasures.

*Caption: Bathers, Bathers, Bathers

*Caption: Vintage t-shirts everywhere.

*Caption: Floor to wall of gorgeous wearable clothing.

The Parlour – Seminyak         

If you are looking for a little vintage hit whilst you dine then this is the place to be. With restaurants popping up everywhere in Seminyak it is easy to see what sets this great place apart from the rest with great vintage homewares, appliances and bric-a-brac on display and ready for purchase. Nestled on the restaurant strip in Seminyak The Parlour a bistro, bar and lounge is a great place to get away from the humidity, take in the vintage ambiances, buy a vintage treasure or five and get to know some of the friendly locals. Check it out here.

*Caption: Love the arch windows.

Seminyak Square

All right so this is a little broad but I can’t take all the fun when it comes to treasure hunting. Seminyak Square is a great central location to not only check out some market type stalls where you can practice you’re bartering and pick up some souvenirs. But here is not where we want to be spending all of your time, up and down the main street to Seminyak Square are a great selection of vintage inspired boutiques, vintage up-cycled fashion and accessories and vintage new stores all peppered around Seminyak.

Some things to remember when shopping and looking for vintage treasure whilst in Seminyak:

  1. Remember that Seminyak is a tourist mecca so the prices reflect the demographic.
  2. All boutiques are not as they appear on the outside so make sure you walk inside, say hello and take your time.
  3. Do not get distracted by the sales marketing signs, they are up all year round as Bali is a constant revolving door of tourists.
  4. If you want to call it a day and head to the nearest bar or day spa don’t stress too much as majority of the boutiques are open until 9pm at night.


*Caption: Looking down the street from Seminyak Square.

So next time you go on a overseas will it be a vintage one?


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