Vintage Updates and New Ventures

Vintage Updates and New Ventures

Retro lovers,

It has been a crazy couple of months here in the Desert Lily studio with a number website updates, collaborations, brand expansion and new adventures.

With all of these changes however something had to give (but only for a short time) and sadly that was our voice and sharing our stories with you all. So now it is time to spill the beans and update my favorite people on what has been and what is to be.

So lets start with all that has been.

Desert Lily website updates:

With any business large or small there is always a teething and growth period and we are no different so on our website you will see some little changes.

Our amazing developer has done an outstanding job in not only updating allot of the back end of our website but also adding icons (new, sale & sold) to our listings.

Another new addition to our website is our media section, this is an area where you can see and connect with other blogs and directories that share our same values.


This is such an exciting time for Desert Lily as it means that we connect and share our passion with other like-minded retro lovers.

A collaboration we are so excited for is one with my gorgeous triplet sister and dear friend on our new Etsy store, but more on our store under expansion.

Another collaboration that is coming to fruition is with SHELOVES that is a community of women about everything that “sheloves”. Over there you will find our guest posts on everything retro fashion and style. If you have not already, head over to our media section and check out their blog.

Brand expansion:

Now if you have been following along you would have seen that in the last couple of weeks we launched our new Etsy store DesertLilyV which stocks everything retro inspired. In store you will find adorable handmade rompers, mod dresses, harem pant and much more fashions for your little tots. A selection of teacup candles, macramé hangers and retro cushion covers. Lastly we are so honored to have a special collection of retro inspired fashions made by the lovely Robyn from Avion en Papier.

New Adventures:

So what is on the horizon? Firstly we are taking a little R&R and heading to Bali for a few nights - I’m calling it a little me time and seeing a dear friend get married to the love of her life. As a retro mumma has got to take a getaway whilst she can.

Another exciting new adventure we have in the works is new collaborations with bloggers, creators and all over retro lovers. Lastly we will be listing more and more retro treasures and sharing them with the world.

So retro lovers we we are constantly evolving, growing but importantly sharing our journey with our favourite people on earth.


The editor

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