Who likes short shorts? The journey of the hot pants.....

Who likes short shorts? The journey of the hot pants.....

At some stage in every females life they have had the experience of wearing hot pants. Whether it was short shorts, daisy dukes, disco hot pants, leather high waisted short shorts or denim shorts, whatever your preference we have all been there. So why is it that the hot pants have stood the test of time?


Okay so lets go back to the start. The hot pants can be defined as shorts that are less than 5cm from the inseam. They were first designed and created by a British designer by the name of Mary Quant who released the fabulous creation in the Paris spring summer collection of 1971. Soon after many celebrities and fashion icons like Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, Olivia Newton John and Betty Davis were seen absolutely every where in barely there short shorts. This development created a massive hype with almost every women wearing and/or owning a pair hot pants and was soon considered acceptable work attire. Many women wore hot pants in their workplace with the most recognizable being South West Airlines introducing the hot pants into their uniforms. For many women hot pants became a staple in their wardrobes and a part of women's fashion throughout the 70's.


*Caption: That's a bit cheeky.


*Caption: Great advertising for the Ducati 750GT.

          airhostess in hotapants

*Caption: Just your typical uniform if you were a Air Hostess.

We next saw the revival of the spunky hot pants with this trend resurfacing in the fall of the early 90's on the catwalks of America. The shorts were short but not as tight following spring and summer collections releasing the patent leather and vinyl hot pants by super trendy Italian designer Gianfranco Feree. Soon after many teenagers all over the world (my older sister included!) were cutting their old jeans down and artfully fraying the hems. I can remember as a small girl my older sister dragging my sisters and I into Op shops all over town searching for the perfect pair of worn but not too worn pair of Levis that she would later take home and cut holes into the pockets giving the shorts that instant "I have had these shorts for ages" look. I can remember thinking that not only was my older sister the coolest person around town but a massive trend setter that I wanted to aspire to be like. Other than the denim Levis shorts many other short shorts were being designed in geometric patterns, awning stripes and solid colors.

Fast forward to the late 1990's and early 2000's absolutely everyone around the world were wearing barely there shorts especially in the spring and summer months. Australian TV music programs like Rage and Video Hits had us watching the likes of The Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue, Destiny's Child and many other females group rocking out in short shorts and giving us their girl power confidence and attitudes.

The journey of the hot pants I guess has been a natural evolution from the birth in the early 70's to now. I mean who doesn't like short shorts?

kylie - gold hot pants

* Caption: Kylie Minogue in those unforgettable gold hot pants in her hit single spinning around. Reoww sexy!!


*Caption: Destiny's Child survivor

celebreties hot pants

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