Your Mother's Wardrobe, The Untapped Vintage Resource

Your Mother's Wardrobe, The Untapped Vintage Resource

We all know that fashion repeats itself, works through seasons and cycles around again so why not head to an untapped vintage resource that is at your fingertips? You will not have to look any further than your Mother’s or Grand Mothers wardrobes. Yes that’s right, think of it like shopping though your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

There is no better place to get authentic one of a kind vintage then in your family home and here is why.

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You are more likely to fit the clothing:

You share the same genetics and therefore going to be more likely to fit into your mothers and even grandmother clothing around about the same age they were at the time.

I was so surprised when I tried on my mother’s beloved emerald green evening grown for the first time and it fit like a glove.

Vintage Resource

You know where the clothing has come from

We all know that familiar musty and moth-ridden smell that comes from clothes been locked away for a little too long. But, that is no worries when you have scored them out from the back of your Mamma’s wardrobe. Some airing, a spot clean on any marks, even a quick wash in the washing machine and it is ready to go on adventures.

Vintage Resource

It holds sentimental value

There is nothing better than wearing a beautiful vintage dress or faux fur coat knowing its origin and the crazy adventures it has already been on. Heck for a split second you may even have visions of your Mum or Grandmother living life like a boss and by her own rules?

Next time you visit your Mum, Mother-in-law or Grandmother dive into their wardrobes and/or glory boxes and hunt out the vintage fashions that are waiting from the next adventure.

Are you willing to take on the style challenge?

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