Alterations, Mending and Custom Refashioned Vintage

Is that mending pile stressing you out? Do you have a vintage that is not quite fitting right so it is in that mending pile for another day? Or the outdated vintage that is unloved and you wish you could give it a second life and have a unique one of a kind vintage piece that is the perfect fit to your body?

I have you covered retro lover! We offer mending / alteration sevices and fashion design services all over Australia.

Mending and Alterations 

- $15 per piece + postage | 3 + items - free postage | 5 + items - 10% overall discount and free postage. 

Reworked Vintage 

- $50 - $100 (includes free postage) 

Refashioned Vintage 

- $120 - $180 (includes instruction pack and free postage)

Reach out to us via our contact form let me help you bring your vintage and pre loved clothing back to life.