Meet The Designer

I’ve always loved vintage clothing. To me, there’s just something about the fit, comfort, quality and style that you just can’t replicate today. Vintage clothes have a signature ‘handmade’ feel to them, and I honestly don’t think there’s anything that can give you a confidence boost like wearing a piece of clothing that has been made especially for you with love and care. 

In 2009, I had a bit of an epiphany. I found myself awakened to the negative impacts of the world’s consumerist behaviours, and I started to realise the impact of fast fashion not just on us as humans, but on our environment too. 

With some basic sewing skills under my belt, I began hunting for vintage clothes which I could repurpose and reuse. While I was able to snag some amazing finds, I was sad to discover that most vintage was either totally unusable, ridiculously unfunctional, or completely out of the price range of the average buyer. 

So, my natural problem solver awoke and I decided to take on the challenge of creating my own modern, timeless clothing using genuine vintage fabrics.

Right from the outset, my values were obvious to me. My clothing needed to be:

  • Modern and timeless, while paying homage to vintage trends
  • Sustainably made from genuine vintage cottons and linens
  • Superior quality and easy to care for
  • Affordable, versatile and functional for every woman, every season, every day

 A few years, countless learning curves and a Fashion Design qualification later, Desert Lily Vintage was born. 

Though our little brand is growing quickly, I’m proud to remain at the helm of this brand, working as the designer and head seamstress in our little studio here in Innes Park, QLD. 

Having now welcomed stockists into the family, I still pinch myself that my designs are out there for the world to love as much as I do. You can check them out here. If you’re not located near a stockist, our online store means you can get your hands on our pieces anywhere, anytime. 

It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Desert Lily Vintage family. I’m so excited to hear all about how you’ve created new memories in your DLV outfits! 

With love,