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Meet The Gang

Sara’s story

Vintage became a passion for me about ten years ago.  What started off as a bit of a personal love for wearing vintage clothing and fashion has grown to an obsession with sourcing and selling vintage clothing for fellow vintage fashion lovers all over the country!

What I love most about vintage clothing is that it allows you to choose clothes that are completely unique to you.  I personally find that vintage clothing is more comfortable, higher quality and offers a far more unique style than the clothes of today.

Not only that – wearing vintage is also better for the environment!

Choosing to wear vintage doesn’t have to mean dressing like you’re going to a fancy dress up party (though if that’s your jam, that’s cool too!) – you can select pieces that work for your body shape, style and unique taste.

I hope you enjoy shopping with Desert Lily Vintage as much as I enjoy sourcing these beautiful, timeless and unique vintage pieces for you.

If there’s something you especially would like sourced please feel free to get in touch and if I can find it on my travels I will certainly let you know.

I love hearing from other vintage lovers – feel free to drop me a line and say hello today!