Sienna Bold Art Deco Scrunchies
Sienna Bold Art Deco Scrunchies
Sienna Bold Art Deco Scrunchies
Tan Bold Art Deco Scrunchies
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Bold Art Deco Scrunchies

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Add a little retro flavour to your hair, with one of our modern day scrunchies uniquely made from old vintage fabric. The bigger the bun, the more fabulous the look with our bold, fun prints.

Our Vintage Scrunchie collection are all one of a kind, giving you the opportunity to enjoy these funky and unique pieces of fabric that have never been used before. Here at Desert Lily Vintage, we love scrunchies because they’re flexible and do not cause breakage or damage your hair. The fabrics are 100% vintage cotton making them super breathable, so they can be ideal for those hot summer days but also still a cool and fresh vibe on a winter's day out.

Features: High quality fabric, Fun bright colours, Versatile can be worn in your hair or as an accessory.

Dimensions: Large - 7.5cm (3inches) in diameter

                     Small – 5cm (2inches) in diameter

Type: Exposed Seams


Are scrunchies still in? 

Yes, yes and yes! No longer is the scrunchie an 80’s throwback but a chic hair accessory to compliment any outfit.

 Are scrunchies good for your hair?

Scrunchies are excellent for your hair as they prevent your hair from breakage, will not kink your hair and look super cool by adding a pop of colour to a messy bun.

 Can I get my scrunchies wet?

Yes, you can. The scrunchies are made with a hair tie and cotton vintage fabric so it can get wet. Please put through a gentle washing machine cycle and put out to dry just like your regular washing. 

Customer Reviews

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Neroli Jackson
The perfect scrunchie!

Absolutely love this scrunchie, I got the small size as I have thin hair and it still looks full and cute but fits perfectly around my hair twice.
Beautifully made and love the colours!