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Heyaaa retro lovers! It’s been a while! I just came back from a recent outreach project slash vacation, to satisfy the wanderlust in me. Maybe I can talk about it some other time 😉 Anyway, I was unpacking my bag today and saw a bunch of stuff that never really left my bag – meaning I have been traveling with these babies for some time now. Curious on what are those?

  1. Toothbrush


Well, obviously, who would want to travel with a stinky breath, right? I bought some (super affordable) bamboo toothbrushes in a pack of 12, and I’ve been bringing them in my trips and loving them ever since! They are super lightweight, too, which makes them easy to carry.

2. Scarf


I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like to bring a bunch of clothes with me during trips. I just usually bring my backpack and I don’t like it heavy. Pain in the neck, literally! Oh, did you know that every kilo counts when flying? The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces. But yes, of course, I still want to look fashionable so I just accessorize and bring scarves with me.  We have a local thrift store near my place that carries a bunch of scarves so I bought one… two… okay, five! I bought five scarves for myself. They are pretty inexpensive so I hoarded (don’t judge me LOL)! Inside my backpack are just plain t-shirts and I just accessorize them with my lovely scarf. Lightweight and I can do different styles with them. Win-win!

3. Sunnies


This was a gift from a friend, actually. Super lightweight, I sometimes even forget that I’m wearing them. It has been my go-to sunnies whenever I travel, most especially when I go island-hopping. They are not made from cheap plastic and they float on water so I don’t have to worry if I accidentally drop it while on the boat.

4. Water bottle


This one’s another gift from a friend. We all know that plastic bottles account for a lot of waste so I make sure that I bring one with me. I just have them refilled all the time so I don’t have to buy water anymore. Not a fan of spending! And I also don’t use straws anymore. They’re used only once and thrown away but takes forever to degrade, which makes them especially frustrating for me. Ugh! Have you seen that video where a plastic straw was stuck in a turtle’s nostrils? I couldn’t finish watching it. Breaks my heart!

5. Reusable shopping bags


In our culture, a “pasalubong” (a gift or souvenir given to a friend or relative by a person who has returned from a trip or arrived for a visit) is a must so I have a shopping bag ready. I know that plastic bags can take up to 500 years (for real!) to biodegrade so I take a re-useable shopping bag with me when I go to local markets. Check this video out to see how we are overusing plastics.

Surprisingly, all of the things mentioned are in line with what my #bossbabe (Sara) and I believe in! They are all eco-friendly. I swear I didn’t notice it until today. Choosing an all-natural lifestyle means pledging goodness for the earth, in which we should all be doing.



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