Are you ready for Christmas? 5 Things you can do for a more sustainable 2021 Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? 5 Things you can do for a more sustainable 2021 Christmas

With Christmas a hop, skip and a jump away I can already start to feel the anxiety rise with that growing list of to dos before Santa is trying to break into the house (I do not have a fireplace or chimney for him to go down). For many it has been a couple of years since we have spent quality time with our families due to border closures thanks to Ms Rona.

 So, to better prepare yourself for a more (little steps are better than none) sustainable Christmas this 2021 here are 5 things you can do to better prepare yourself for the festivities.

 Christmas outfits:

  • Shop your own wardrobe for a killer Christmas outfit or 3 if you are feeling like a celebrity and need the outfit changes. Or create your own (if you are a creative).

Bring your own utensils, keep cup, and tote bag:

  • Do you have that relative that loves to bring out the plastic to save on dishes at your Christmas gatherings? Yep, I do too and no shade on them, I love connivence too. So, a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) sustainable switch is to bring along you own utensils (have you seen the up-cycle utensil holders and tote sets?), keep cup which will hide the vodka on the rocks and the tote bag to hold all those presents for the children under 15 years.


Gift giving:

  • Give the gift of an experience over presents and save on waste and create some awesome memories and Insta worthy pics at the same time. Another great alternative is doing a Secret Santa within your possie of family and friends, why buy many gifts when you can buy one quality gift.

 Rethink the gimmicks:

  • Do you really need those cheap $10 bon bons with all the plastic rubbish inside, or those throw away tablecloths and decorations or is there an alternative that you can use in its place? Get your craft on and make your own bon bons, replace plastic covers with fabric cloths (hello op shop visit for a vintage tablecloth) that can be repurposed at a later stage.

Have a positive attitude:

  • Christmas can be a stressful time visiting families and in-law house hopping from family to family and awkward conversations with Uncle Stan or Aunty Sue. A good attitude and bright smile can make a long draining day turn into a fun and memorable experience.       

 So, to make your 2021 Christmas one to remember for all the right reasons what sustainable swaps are you willing to take up?

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