Size Guide

How do I want a garment to fit my body?

Me personally I prefer a looser fit and would rather alter a garment to my liking, so consider if you prefer your clothing tailored or looser fit.

How do I know which measurement to go off?

Always go according to your largest measurement. If you want to buy a dress and your hip measurement say size small but your bust say size medium go with the size medium. The same can be said for men’s measurements, as a example if your waist measurement is larger than your chest measurement then use the waist measurement as your point of reference. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Always measure yourself with your under garments on (bra and underwear) but not over your outer clothing as it can vastly change your measurements. As best as you can try to use a dressmaker tape for a more accurate measurement and write down your measurements or save to your smartphone.

Majority of on-line stores record their measurements in inches with garments laid flat and doubling the measurements for bust waist and hips so once you have taken your measurements add a extra inch if you prefer a more comfortable fit.

Where do I take my own measurements?

  • Length: Measure from the natural part of the shoulder to your desired hem length.
  • Shoulder: Measurement taken from shoulder tip to shoulder tip.
  • Bust: Measurement taken from the fullest part of the breast with your bra on.
  • Chest: Measurements taken from the widest part of your chest.
  • Waist: Measurement taken from the smallest part of your waist, a little above your belly button.
  • Hips: Whilst standing in a natural stance measure the fullest part of the hips.


– If you are not confident about what part of your body is the fullest part take the measurements whist standing in front of a mirror or get someone who you feel comfortable with to take the measurements for you.

– For length / hem length take 3 measurements – where you prefer your hem at its shortest, knee and floor length. That way you will have a great comparison and guide for your desired hem lengths.

How we measure the garments

All of our garments are measured lying flat and without stretching elastic or distorting garments.

  • Length: The highest point of the shoulder or waist band to the hem
  • Shoulder: The seam of one shoulder to the other
  • Bust: From armpit to armpit with and measurements doubled
  • Waist: Narrowest part of the garment with the measurements doubled
  • Hips: Widest part of the garment with the measurements doubled
  • Inseam: The measurement taken from the crouch to the ankle hem