Charlotte's Brown and Blue

Charlotte's Brown and Blue

It was a clear, sunny day, and I had decided to head to the beach for the afternoon. It was windy and cool for Australia, and I was surrounded by rock pools and crashing waves. I loved how the blue contrasted with the deep, brown hues of the rock beneath my feet and how rich the two colours looked together. It was at this moment I had the vision of a collection showcasing this wonderful coastal scenery. Eagerly, I approached Sara with the idea, which she embraced immediately. She also mentioned we would need a new design release. Again, I thought back to my time watching the ebb and flow of waves on rock, and how eagerly I had wished to jump in. I decided against, as I was wearing a rather elaborate evening top for an event I was attending later that evening. Oh, how I wished I had something practical to take me from coast to canapés.

The idea of class and practicality came together. A top of beauty and elegance. Easy to remove and stylish to wear. Enter the Penelope Apron Top. Sara thought it excellent, and we got to work. I trudged through the Fabric Store in search of the perfect brown and the perfect blue while Sara got to work on the Penelope Apron Top. Swatches and swatches of fabric I went through, to find the perfect combination of what I had seen at the beach. And finally, I found the pair, the couple, the star crossed lovers which have turned our garments into the limited edition pieces you know today. Our incredible designer, slaved away at pattern making to bring my vision of the Apron top to life. It came to fruition organically.

Upon the runway strutted our first colour feature collection, wowing audiences and showing the inspiration of the scenery earlier in this blog post. My dream had arrived, and with Sara's support, you now are able to not just view the dream - but live in it. 

Fun fact: I, Charlotte, Creative Director at Desert Lily Vintage, came up with the vision that is the Sea Breeze Collection.


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