Collaboration with Makers Daughter

Collaboration with Makers Daughter

We recently had the privilege, nay, the pleasure of being apart of a project with Makers Daughter. Kristal, a like-minded girl boss, has created her photography business from the ground up, and asked to use our garments to take some, if I do say so myself, breathtaking photography. 



We are thrilled to have done a mini interview with Kristal about her photography business and her thoughts on ethical fashion.

1. How did you find Desert Lily Vintage, and what made you want to reach out to us?

I found you through good old Instagram. I was looking to grow my fashion photography portfolio with an emphasis on sustainability and I loved what you were doing and creating so I decided to reach out.

2. Tell me about your self-taught photography adventure. 

There had been a change brewing inside of me before I decided to pick up my camera and really give it a go. I invested in a camera 12 months ago, took an online course on how to use my camera in manual mode and then went travelling with my family in a caravan along the east coast of Australia for 4 months. I took photos and video of everything and anything I came across. It was a way for me to not only learn how to use it properly, but to work out what I truly loved to shoot.

3. What drew you to be a fashion/ lifestyle photographer?

I am probably the most unfashionable person you might come across, but I've always been drawn to and admire the campaigns that Spell and the Gypsy Collective put out there and have wanted to create a similar aesthetic. The way they story-tell and capture your imagination is what I love most about what they do. If I could do this, I'd be one happy lady!


4. What are your goals for your creative business?

That's a really good questions - I'm still so new into what I'm doing, and my goals are changing on a regular basis. For now, it’s to create captivating imagery and video campaigns that really make you, the viewer, feel. I then have a twinkle in my eye for creating retreats down the line for like-minded creatives.

5. As a fellow self-taught designer and artist, what advice would you give young women aspiring to be creatives?

I'd say to just start. Let go of any fear or judgement. Your first go will probably be terrible, and I'd highly suggest you celebrate this because you've just done what 99% of the population are too afraid to do - try. Keep working on your craft, learning from your failures and improving. Seek advice and help from those doing what you want to do. Ask questions, get curious.

6. How would you describe your fashion style in 3 words?

Casual, comfortable, natural.

7. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Currently, it's my Blundstone boots. I wear them everywhere!



8. If you had to choose a fabric to wear every single day of your life, which one would it be?

That's a good question... I do love linen - but I don't get to wear if often. Most of my linen is white or beige and I have young, messy children!

9. What does ethical and sustainable fashion mean to you?

Limiting our impact on the environment. If we can upcycle, pass down, borrow or create a wardrobe that we are able to wear time and time again I think we would not only impact how we treat mother nature, but we would reduce so much waste, clutter and overwhelm in our lives.

10. How do you practice this in your personal life?

Most of what I wear is actually handed over to me by friends or family. I LOVE a good op-shop find and when I need to shop, I do this mindfully with respect to the amount of times I'd wear it and where I shop.


Thank you, Kristal, for such a wonderful collaboration. We thank you for the beauty you created. 

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